Developing body awareness
you will understand yourself and
your emotions better.

Zdobywając świadomość ciała,
lepiej zrozumiesz siebie
i swoje emocje.

Zdobywając świadomość
ciała lepiej zrozumiesz
siebie i swoje emocje.

About me

 My name is Katarzyna Toffel Kuźniar

Who am I?

I am an ordinary/extraordinary human being who, like you, Dear Reader, and many other people, desires to live their life in the best possible way. My personal experience brought me to the beginning of a path which I continue to pursue. This path is constantly unfolding and I with it.

I have been accompanying others in their personal development for over 17 years. I help people recover their health in a holistic way. I support the physical condition as well as the mental and emotional. In order to achieve better results I use knowledge and skills learned in psychology, bodywork and trauma work.

Depending on the individual needs of my clients to assist them in changing restrictive conditioning, patterns and beliefs at the level of the mind and the body cell memory, I use various forms of massage, reflexology, crania-sacral therapy, psychobiology and expertise in silent systemic constellations.

I am also a founder of the publishing company Wydawnictwo Świadome Życie (, which supports readers in broadening their consciousness. Its goal is to publish books that can bring the most positive changes, inspire, give advice and practical tools and clues for everyone to discover their full potential.

Privately, I am a happy mother and wife.