Kasia is one of the most beautiful people I have met... Her sensitivity, attention to the other person is one of its kind, and Kasia also has an irreplaceable sense of humour and lightness of being. Working and spending time with her is a great pleasure.

Kasia is a very warm person. She is gentle and decisive at the same time, and she is also very focused. When she works is present and mindful. She gives a sense of safety and comfort, thanks to which one can allow to be authentic. During the session with Kasia I felt very well taken care of. Thanks to Kasia’s knowledge and skills, and also the atmosphere she creates, we open up to everything that shows up.

Dear Kasia, thank you from all my heart for this workshop. I am very impressed  by your beautiful energy and your work, filled with respect and love. We are touching our hearts so tenderly and gently. Despite tears and difficult emotions I felt safe and comfortable. The atmosphere, understanding, closeness and professionalism was great. Yes, … this was a really great step towards myself, thanks to you, it was not difficult, or painful, but it was a milestone. Thank you.

Kasia is a therapist I trust. I trust her knowledge, experience and intuition. I trust both her strength and gentleness. I recommend sessions with Kasia to everyone who needs to restore their body’s harmony, who needs to regenerate, find their peace and collect their strength before an important task - my whole family likes meetings with Kasia: my husband, my teenage daughter and our sensitive younger daughter. After those sessions we feel like new born, full of energy and peace.

Kasia is a sensitive and warm person. During a session you will feel her energy, as if there was not a person in the room, but a dancing soul next to you. If you feel that something is bothering or disturbing you in life, Kasia is definitely this person who can skilfully help you to define it and you will both find an appropriate method. What surprised me was Kasia’s broad experience and the fact that she combines various tools which help in unblocking old traumas and discover your inner strength. Thank you, Kasia, that you are there!

I’m very impressed  by the sensitivity, peace and deep intuition that Kasia has. Her experience and great knowledge from various domains of self-development makes one feel safe with her one’s inner journey. There is power and gentleness! I sincerely recommend Kasia for workshops and individual sessions!