Face reflexology

The ancients believed the face to be the mirror of the soul. It expresses personality, character and emotions. One can read information about someone’s  state of health from the face and use this knowledge to help cure  ailments. Face reflexology (neuro-reflex therapy) by Lone Sorensen is the result of 30 years of research. It includes knowledge of modern neurophysiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, oriental medicine, Native American massage techniques and many other methods. Face reflexology also uses the Vietnamese cybernetic method − 560 neurological points which directly impact the central nervous system (CNS). Stimulation of these points is helpful in the case of various types of conditions and ailments.

Massage of the body, mind and spirit

The emotional mind is our whole body and it is a reason why in situations of increased stress a body massage is very releasing. Its goal is not only to relax tensed muscles, but also to work on the whole person by removing tensions and blockages inside a person’s body.

Based on many years of practice and learning various forms of bodywork, I have created my own style of massage. It is based on the Hawaiian Lomi Lom Nui massage, which is the basis of my work. During the session, depending on the need, I use elements of Shiatsu, Cranio-sacral therapy, Life-Impressions Bodywork and others.

Craniosacral therapy

”Fascia wraps the body as a continuous web connecting the deepest level of bones with the layer right under your skin. This is fascia which holds all the records of all your movement patterns and emotional states”.
- D.O. Rosemary Feitis

Cranio-sacral therapy is a holistic form of bodywork and is based on the breath of life. This is the rhythm which appears on the 21st day of the human embryonic life and which is an ideal hologram for life. As long as life continues, all the organs and tissues in our bodies move in relation to this movement. The carrier of the breath of life is the cerebrospinal fluid produced in the brain chambers. It flows along the midline (cranium − dura mater − sacrum) and through the nervous system is carried to the most remote parts of our body.