Massage of the body, mind and spirit

The emotional mind is our whole body and it is a reason why in situations of increased stress a body massage is very releasing. Its goal is not only to relax tensed muscles, but also to work on the whole person by removing tensions and blockages inside a person’s body.

Based on many years of practice and learning various forms of bodywork, I have created my own style of massage. It is based on the Hawaiian Lomi Lom Nui massage, which is the basis of my work. During the session, depending on the need, I use elements of Shiatsu, Cranio-sacral therapy, Life-Impressions Bodywork and others.

During a massage session, first of all I listen to what the body tells me and then I follow its signs. When I use strong touch, I release muscles and tensions caused by continual stress and being the result of traumatic events, with the help of light touch I introduce harmony and soothing at the level of the body, emotions and spirit. When I work on joints and fascia, I bring more flexibility and freedom of movement in the body. This has a big impact on improving one’s well-being and facilitating mental processes. During a session I work on emotional and energy levels, which can lead to deep transformation and concrete changes in one’s life.

I use a mixture of hot oils, which create a sense of being wrapped up and cuddled. It ensures the right depth of slipperiness and nourishes the skin, accentuating the result of the session.

On the level of the body this massage:

  • cleanses the body from toxins
  • improves circulation of blood, lymph and other body fluids
  • strengthens resilience
  • restores natural processes of the body's self-regulation
  • dissolves accumulated tension
  • releases trauma recorded in the body
  • brings relief and a sense of deep relaxation and release.

If you:

  • are tired
  • experience high level of stress
  • lack connection and understanding of your own body
  • are in the process of deep change
  • need to release blocked emotions
  • need support and care
  • want to improve the quality of your life

I invite you and I guarantee that I will take care of your body with mindful awareness and respect. In a friendly space and atmosphere I will accompany you in releasing accumulated blockages and restoring balance on the level of the body, mind and soul.