Craniosacral therapy

”Fascia wraps the body as a continuous web connecting the deepest level of bones with the layer right under your skin. This is fascia which holds all the records of all your movement patterns and emotional states”.
- D.O. Rosemary Feitis

Cranio-sacral therapy is a holistic form of bodywork and is based on the breath of life. This is the rhythm which appears on the 21st day of the human embryonic life and which is an ideal hologram for life. As long as life continues, all the organs and tissues in our bodies move in relation to this movement. The carrier of the breath of life is the cerebrospinal fluid produced in the brain chambers. It flows along the midline (cranium − dura mater − sacrum) and through the nervous system is carried to the most remote parts of our body.

If the movement is right and is not disrupted by any external factors, then we can enjoy good health and feeling well. Today’s world, with all its stressful and demanding life conditions, rarely allows us to be ideally healthy. Under the impact of physical, psychological and emotional wounds, the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid is disrupted and this has an impact on the right rhythm of the breath of life. In difficult and traumatic situations we often experience blocked emotions. This is then written in the body cell memory. In such types of situations Cranio-sacral therapy is an ideal tool using the natural, inherent power of the body, which allows a restoration of  the right order. When the cranio-sacral system is regulated there is a mobilisation of the compensatory mechanism and the proper patterns of movement is restored. This impacts the functioning of the internal organs and the regulation of bodily fluids. During the Cranio-sacral therapy session the breathing, hormonal and immunological systems are boosted and restored,. Also released are painful memories from the cell memory of the body. After the session, the client usually feels great relief, lightness and improvement in their health.

How does a session look like?
During the first meeting I conduct a detailed interview, and then we go on to bodywork. The person having a therapy session lies down in their clothes in a comfortable position on the massage table. I work with a delicate touch, sensing the rhythm of the body on the cranio-sacral system and the transverse body diaphragms. The session can take many forms in order to unblock tensions and reverse disease processes. During the session I release tension in bones, membranes, cranium sinuses, spine and the sacrum. I work on releasing and unblocking tissues and fascia as well as harmonising the nervous system. The whole process lasts from one hour to one and a half hours. The person experiencing the session will often observe surprising bodily sensations.

Because cranio-sacral therapy is a very subtle and gentle form of therapy, it can be applied to patients of any age − from infancy or even the foetal period to the old age.
If you are struggling with such problems as:
migraines and headache

  • backpack and joint problems
  • neuralgia and post injury states (after breaking bones, torsion or twisting)
  • ailments after dental procedures and when wearing braces
  • sleep or mood disruption, and tiredness
  • lowered resilience 
  • attention deficit and trouble learning
  • indigestion of various origin
  • depressive states after physical, psychological and emotional traumatic events.

I invite you to individual session of cranio-sacral therapy. I guarantee sessions in a friendly space and atmosphere in which I will accompany you in releasing blockages accumulated and restoring balance in the body.


This therapy does not have any counter-indications regarding the technique of performing this therapy. The risk of complications after the therapeutic session practically does not exist due to the great subtlety of manipulation.

There are counter-indications related to general health such as:

  • acute states requiring urgent medical intervention,
  • dyspnoea, chest pain, abnormal heart rhythms,
  • hormonal breakthroughs, aggressive hypertension,
  • stomachache with the peritoneum symptoms, renal and biliary colic,
  • epilepsy, poisoning, impaired consciousness,
  • fresh injuries requiring medical attention − broken bones, torsions and joints luxations, hemorrhages,
  • active phases of mental illnesses.

Cranio-sacral therapy cannot be used instead of the recognised therapeutic methods in treating cancer, infectious and other diseases in which the patient requires special medical care.