Face reflexology

The ancients believed the face to be the mirror of the soul. It expresses personality, character and emotions. One can read information about someone’s  state of health from the face and use this knowledge to help cure  ailments. Face reflexology (neuro-reflex therapy) by Lone Sorensen is the result of 30 years of research. It includes knowledge of modern neurophysiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, oriental medicine, Native American massage techniques and many other methods. Face reflexology also uses the Vietnamese cybernetic method − 560 neurological points which directly impact the central nervous system (CNS). Stimulation of these points is helpful in the case of various types of conditions and ailments.

Neuro-reflex therapy is a holistic form of working on neuro-vascular points and reflex zones of the face. This treatment combines analysis of subcutaneous deposits, proper therapy and esthetic-cosmetic treatment. It relies on multilevel stimulation (pressing and massaging) of specific points and organ zones. By affecting the central nervous system, the whole body is reached. Stimulation of the right points on the face directly impacts centres in the brain responsible for emotional states and coping with stress. It releases stimulation of endorphins, serotonin and dopamin (hormones responsible for feeling happy, emotional reactions and memory). Their task is to restore energetic balance in organs and in the whole body.

Reflexology treatment:

  • improves the skin tone, resilience and elasticity
  • enhances blood and lymph circulation
  • stimulates the body regulation and regeneration mechanisms
  • ensures detoxification of tissues and supports processes of nourishing cells
  • brings deep relaxation into the body
  • releases tension
  • helps sort out thoughts and emotions
  • improves mental ability of both adults and children
  • facilitates thinking, concentration and ability to remember.

Face reflexology is a perfect therapy in the case of:

  • migraines and headache of other origin
  • ailments related to menopause or menstruation
  • disruption of the immunological, hormonal or nervous systems
  • auto-immunological diseases
  • depressive states, anxieties and sleeplessness
  • physical or mental disability
  • autism and over-reactiveness/attention-deficit
  • problems with concentration and memory lapses
  • psychological and physical stress and tension

  • pain conditions of various origin

Face reflexology is a very pleasurable and soothing type of therapy and does not generate side effects. This is why it is good for everybody – regardless of age and health condition. After the treatment all tensions are reduced and clients experience a sense of deep relaxation.